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Lately I’ve been really encuraged to share my writings a bit more…

This info flyer / poem was an idea i had for the Traditional Tattoo & World Culture Festival on Mallorca this summer. I wanted to make it clear that even tho i call myself a traditional artist, im not using anybody elses cultures patterns or markings. I simply mark my people with a similair aproach as we’ve done on this planet since stone age. My alphabet is my patterns. The tatu from Me to You is telling a story. Maybe of your past or of your prayers for the future….

This ritual is from before kings and borders. In every corner of the globe, all of our ancestors have been marking their bodys for different purposes. And im proud to be One in a long line of practicioners. Representing the Spirit of our time.


To us who are born White and Privileged, as they say in this Comfortable and Convenient Western world, the life laid out before our feet is most of the time playing nothing but a hollow and empty song for domesticated ears. Our Time, Life, Land and Sea has been consumed by the entity that we gave birth to in our quest for conquer. Our forfathers Cultures and Journey to God has to many generations now been seen as nothing more than supersticions and ignorant missunderstandings of a naive and primitive people. We sacrificed it all to feed our precious, hungry and growing Babylon. Many of us are fully awake in this surreal dreamscape looking for somewhere to put our foot down next. We are looking for something no eyes can see. We are looking for a feeling. A feeling our ancestors carried within them. The connection to the Land and to the Sea and the Web of Life, of wich everything is a manifestation of. We live in a rootless era. But there are deep divers. My vision is to mark these Divers and Psychonauts on our Exodus out of Babylon. We dont have the option of leaving Society and the City and return to our Family, Tribe and Land.  For us – the only option is Anarchy. Babylon wiped out our Past. It is destroying the Earth, Water and Air – our Present and Future. Babylon is Destruction. One can not destroy destruction Only counteract  –  With Creation




After almost three month in the same country. Its getting time to leave.

Ill be in

.MALMÖ july – august

.OSLO oktober – november

Get in touch if your keen




das ist das haus von Nicholaus

With the help of my brother, I tried my best to make a stop motion video a few years ago.

But I wasn’t very happy with it. Ive learned much about stop motion during and after this.

Working with computers isn’t my thing,

At all.

So thank you Gabbe for taking care of that bit for me. 

I showed it only once. And at that time the clip was accompanied by my friend Bettan’s accordion, so that’s why theres no music.

Maybe you would get the ultimate experience by choosing some nice psy-dub to play during these 4.20 minutes the clip runs for.

One of the reasons i made up my mind to share this clip is that it documents the designing and making of my very first hand poked tatu, 13/4/2011


Often people ask me about this symbol.

What it means and why I always use it.

It is not a signature, it does not mean Tehå. This is a personal symbol for me wich I use to give thanks and praise for my gifts in this life, and for all that is possible for me because of them.

This to me is a symbol for inspiration, divine inspiration if u so will.

I think all artists can agree on that we don’t create what we create.

It goes further back than, from me to your eyes and senses. I too have caught glimpses of what I later on can manifest. 

.I use the swastika because that is everything’s origin. The source.

.I use the house because that’s the inspiration’s path through me.

.And I use the hand and the needle cus because of them, i can get it out of me, to you. So you too can see it.


I went through so much to make this.

And I lost my Canon eos in the water trying to make one more scene

So it would be a bit silly not to share it with yous.

It’s taken me four years to see it that way.

Hope you enjoy it.

Teho.Tehå.Tehong.THawk. Hamiltron.Waikato.NZ.200015.

P.s Nicholaus, Santa Clause, Jultomten – same same


Kia Ora Earthlings
Once again i find myself in Hamilton
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– Then on the 25th of june Ill be moving up north to
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– And in about 4 weeks time (around the 9th of july, not confirmed yet) ill be in Sovereign tattoo in Napier
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