Kia Ora Earthlings
Once again i find myself in Hamilton
Too good being back!
– Ill be here at Flax Roots Tattoo for two weeks,
– Then on the 25th of june Ill be moving up north to
Ship Shape tattoo, Auckland/ Orewa
– And in about 4 weeks time (around the 9th of july, not confirmed yet) ill be in Sovereign tattoo in Napier
Please support a traveling artist
Sell ur Iphone
Get in touch
Get a Tatu

More or different info, visit Tehotatu on Facebook and Instagram
Aroha nui, hope to see u soon
Any questions, just get in touch



2 thoughts on “Aotearoa

  1. hey, how’s it? i just went to Rain city tattoo and she told me that your where around at the moment I’ll be in auckland and north island for a few days, and I am looking for a hand tattoo. are you still in auckland? any chance we could catch up so i can ask you a few questions and if you are up to, get a tattoo. see ya

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