G Day Australia


Good to be back!

Ill be tatuing in melbourne for a couple of months to come,

so just get in touch if ur keen

Facebook & Instagram – Tehotatu

Txt – 0479983809

Enjoy the rest of ur day

Jah bless


Traditional Tattoo Expo. Borneo 2014


Kia Ora!

Aotearoa tatu tour 2014

Im back in NZ!

The idea is to travel from

Aucks to Stuart Island

from Sept 6th – Nov 24th 2014

leaving a trail of tatus all the way across this country.

If you would like to be part of this

please contact me in any of the ways available on the flyer above.

Thank you for looking,

and thank you for supporting a travelling artist

Love, Light, Life & Luck

The four L’s of the swastika

Tehå. Teho. T.Hawk. Tehong – Auckland. 17th sept 2014

Trae i Aroha Nui

wwoofing chores

I tried carving for the first time in my life. Got to do this doorframe. Its done with chisel, and electric sander. And oiled.

The other one is windscreens, with weaved bamboo. I dont know what to call that, is it a weaving?

Done sometime between June and Oktober 2012.