– Tatu –


North Atlantic

Anarcha Tribal

Hand Poke Tatuing

By Teho

Since 2011


Handmade Designs

No Computer

Handmade Tattoos

No Machines


Strictly Roots & Culture







3 thoughts on “– Tatu –

  1. Cool Teho.. I finally put a blog up on my site about my taonga I recieved from you.. love the pics of your work and hope all is going well 4 u 🙂

    • awesome! yes im doing good. in melbourne now. was meditating for three weeks, just back to babylon yesterday. trying to do as much work as i can now 🙂 good to hear from u. hope ur doing well! just got a mail from my family today, the box i send with all the stuff arrived safely. so right now one of ur weaving is in sweden

  2. Excellent Job

    Dear Teho, Thanks a lot for your great job, and i fulfill my dream to put Tattoo on my body, This was my dream, and the work is so perfect, clear and so beautiful, I would like to Highly Recommenced to Teho for any kinds of Tattoo, I meet him when he was travelling to Nepal, Good luck Teho

    Rammani Rijal

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